Anali Embroidered Acorn Linen Napkins - 22

Anali Embroidered Acorn Linen Napkin - 22" x 22"

Anali Embroidered Aspen Linen Placemats - 14

Anali Embroidered Aspen Linen Placemat - 14" x 20"

Anali Embroidered Acorn Linen Runner


Anali's placemats, napkins, table runners and café towels are available on 29 linen colors and are sold as a set of 4. Made from 100% linen imported from Europe and embroidered in the United States.

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Placemats, Napkins, Café Towels, and Runners are sold as a set of 4

ANALI's Table Linens, Café Towels and Runners are made from 100% linen imported from Europe and embroidered in the United States.

Wash with mild detergents that contain no bleaching agents. Tumble dry with moderate heat. Press with a very hot, steamy iron while still damp. Press out the embroideries from the back side. Finish with spray starch or spray sizing for a crisp look.
The Exquisite Needlework - Due to the intricacies of the design patterns and colors, a detailed production process is necessary to create the "Exquisite Needlework". The designs begin with hand drawn renderings created with colored pencils to accentuate detail and shadings. The drawing is then scanned into a computer, sharpened and scaled to size. A specialized embroidery software program is used to plan each stitch and color change needed to bring the design to life.

Anali Embroidered Table Linens Anali Embroidered Table Linens

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