Sleeping on Luxury: What You Need to Know About Pillowcase Materials

Beauty sleep is no misnomer. Good, deep sleep can help restore your skin and hair while letting your cells repair themselves to heal injuries, scars, and pimples. But did you know that your pillowcase can go a long way toward helping with restful beauty sleep?

If you're wondering what pillowcase materials help you wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful, then here's what you need to know about three of the most luxurious pillowcase materials.

1. Silk

Long held as the holy grail of fabrics, silk pillowcases are every bit as luxurious as they sound. They are one of the best choices you can make when selecting a pillowcase material. Silk is incredibly soft, doesn't crease, and won't catch your hair the way other fabrics will — preventing nighttime tangles and taming bedhead.

This last point is especially important for preserving blowouts and preventing split ends. Silk reduces breakage in your hair strands and won't compress your hair like other materials. After sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your blowout remains voluminous and your hair grows without nighttime breakage.

As an added benefit, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, so it's the perfect fabric for those with sensitive skin or for those prone to facial breakouts. It's also resistant to dust mites, helping to fend off allergies that might keep you up half the night sniffling and sneezing.

2. Satin

As a cousin to silk, satin can be slightly cheaper while still being soft and luxurious — making it yet another optimal choice for a pillowcase material. Satin is soft to the touch and doesn't pull at your skin when sleeping — which is fantastic news for side and stomach sleepers, whose faces are pressed up against their pillowcases. This lack of pulling prevents wrinkles from forming during the night and helps keep your eyebrow hairs and eyelashes firmly attached.

While other materials soak up the moisture in your face during the night, leaving you considerably drier when you wake up than you were when you went to bed, satin allows your skin to both breathe and retain moisture. So your skin will remain healthy and hydrated throughout the night.

3. Linen

You may be familiar with ordinary linen—the kind that’s used to make dress shirts and slightly upscale skirts and dresses. But for the ultimate sleeping experience, opt for the high thread count and smooth feel of luxury linen pillowcases. Because fine linen isn't produced very often, it is more expensive, but the benefits outweigh the cost.

For example, linen is mildew-resistant and anti-microbial. It's a perfect fabric to use in warm, humid climates, and it promotes a cleaner sleeping experience. Depending on the season, linen also regulates itself — helping to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Linen also wicks away excess moisture from your skin without drying it out, which is perfect if you tend to sweat during the night. As a final bonus, linen only gets softer each time you wash it without losing its durability. Unlike other fabrics that can break down after each wash cycle, you can wash your linen pillowcase as often as you want.

When it comes to having a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience, little matters more than the type of pillowcase you choose to lay your head on. So long as you carefully do your research, you'll be able to find the material that’s right for you.

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