Matouk Silencer Round Mat Padding - Set of 12

Matouk Silencer Round Mat Padding

Olivia Riegel Crystal Chelsea Frame 4

Olivia Riegel Crystal Chelsea Frame 4" x 4"

Olivia Riegel Crystal & Pearl Frame 5" x 7"


Olivia Riegel Crystal & Pearl Frame 5" x 7". Each piece is uniquely designed and finished by hand. (includes gift box)

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Each piece is uniquely designed and finished by hand (includes gift box)

Today, the importance of timeless beauty and quality remains synonymous with Olivia Riegel. Traditional metal frames, bottle stoppers and innovative accessories are transformed into jeweled creations for the home by using dazzling combinations of Swarovski crystals, enamel and other luxurious materials. Invite Olivia Riegel into your home and experience the wonder and elegance of these exquisite pieces.  Olivia Riegel's products do not receive the justice they deserve in pictures, the attention to detail, sparkle of each jewel and substantialness of each piece can only truly be appreciated in person. Olivia Riegel was established by designer Jon Morris in 2000, and named after his beloved grandmother, OLIVIA RIEGEL is a Dallas based company that specializes in fine bejeweled gifts and decorative accessories for the home. The company's vision is to offer customers a diverse line that integrates classic style and modern sophistication. Traditional and innovative designs are translated into an array of products including frames, bottle stoppers, vanity accessories, collectable boxes, decorative objects, bridal accessories and tabletop items. The company seeks to offer its superior products at an accessible value. The artistry, construction, and use of materials in every OLIVIA RIEGEL piece remains exceptional and uncompromised. Designs incorporate elaborate combinations of hand-set Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, hand-enameling, and other distinctive materials. Expert hand craftsmanship and attention to detail is maintained in every piece. One can find a rich variety of colors and period influences. The elegance and panache of our products not only accessorize the home, but effectively transport one into a lifestyle of glamour and luxury. OLIVIA RIEGEL is available in finer gift galleries, specialty boutiques, jewelry stores, and museum shops worldwide. Inspired by history, fashion and extensive world travels, both the design and integrity of the product are destined to give OLIVIA RIEGEL a permanent place in any collector's home.

Olivia Riegel Jeweled Home Accessories

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