Did you know, on average, that people spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping?  Some certainly have the luxury of more sleep time than others and we all miss our rest when we’re not sleeping well. Work, life, and responsibility can all take a toll on our best sleep.  We have some suggestions for how to get better sleep. At Opulence, we believe that sleep time should be spent in luxury, which is why we carry the finest luxury linens, sleepwear, and bedding accessories. Additionally, the foundation of a good night’s sleep is a great mattress.  Do you think that all mattresses are created equal?  We beg to differ and challenge you to explore the DUXIANA lifestyle. Learn a little bit more about why we love it and sleep luxuriously:

Sleep is essential to repair and renew your being, and having a restful night sleep is extremely dependent on your mattress. The continuous coil spring technology keeps your spine in line throughout the night, keeping you in ultimate comfort. An independent sleep study at The Karolinska Institute found that people who slept on the DUXIANA Mattress fell asleep faster and remained in deep sleep longer.

Does more restful, better sleep and longer sleep periods sound amazing?  Stop in to our shop at The Mews or at Cameron Village and learn more about the DUXIANA mattress lifestyle! We are confident that your sleep will be transformed and that you’ll sleep sweetly, dear friends.

DUXIANA_818_Bed DUXIANA Restorative Sleep