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Gedy by Nameek's Bridge Butler Collection

Gedy by Nameek's Erica Collection


Gedy by Nameek's Erica Collection - Collection is made of Wood and Steel, Walnut color. Gedy Bathroom Accessories by Nameek’s.

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Gedy by Nameek's Erica Collection - Collection is made of Wood and Steel, Walnut color

Gedy Bathroom Accessories by Nameek’s.

Gedy, which was founded more than 50 years ago, is a point of reference in the  bath accessories sector. Right from the beginning this company has offered functional well designed products of superior quality. Over the years, Gedy’s in-depth research in design has been based on a creative reassessment of the bathroom which has been rediscovered as a pleasant room where  everyone can express their personality and taste. In this perspective, thanks to  the collaboration of important Italian and international designers, continuous R&D activity and innovations in raw materials, production and technological processes, form assumes a great artistic value, it fully develops its potential and is  elevated to the level of a work of art. This is the case of the Cucciolo toilet brush holder designed by Makio Hasuike, one of Gedy’s most original creations that is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This achievement confirms  the importance of implementing a company policy that Gedy has followed over  the years that consists in choosing creativity based on superior quality and functionality so that the customers’ needs truly represent the fundamental  reference point for the prosperity and continuity of the company. Nameek's was founded in 1999 with the simple belief that the bath is the defining room of a household. Since the bath has increasingly become the measure of luxury in a home, Nameek's strives to create a bath that shines with unique and creative qualities. The feeling of luxury that emanates from a beautiful bathroom can radiate well beyond the walls of the bath and throughout the home. That's why Nameek's distibutes only the finest European bathroom fixtures. Nameek's is a leading importer and distributor of high-quality bathroom products. In cooperation with top European manufacturers, Nameek’s choice of designs has become extremely diversified. All of their products are imported from the finest European manufacturers. Nameek's is a brand that is synonomous with luxury, and will continue to work in order to keep that status. Nameek represents: Windisch, Spain. Royal quality bathroom accessories -  Scarabeo, Italy. The newest trends in ceramic basins - Royo Bath, Spain. Contemporary bath furniture - Fima Frattini, Italy. Luxury bathroom faucets - Geesa, Netherlands. Top of the line bathroom accessories - Iotti, Italy. Luxury vanities.

Gedy Bathroom Accessories by Nameek's

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