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4 Ways to Create a Spa Experience in Your Master Bathroom

Your master bedroom suite should be a haven from the cares of everyday life and should have a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere for everyone who enjoys it. One great way to create a haven like this is by using your master bathroom to create the ultimate home spa. Here are five great ideas.

1. Clear the Clutter

Start by organizing of the day-to-day necessities that tend to add up in your bathroom. Countertops, bathtubs, and showers all end up holding a variety of boring but necessary items. Create a storage place for these things so that they are out of sight. The less you are reminded of the functionality of the bathroom and the fewer items that clutter your bathroom, the more relaxing and spa-like your space will be.

Go for a minimalistic design when decorating and clearing your bathroom. Curate each addition to the room to determine what purpose it provides and what feelings it brings to your mind.

2. Use Calming Colors

Most spas use a neutral color palette as their base, and you should too. Ivory, beige, and soft pastels, all help to relax the eyes and provide a nice foundation for the careful use of other colors.

You can add pops of color with darker shades, such as deep greens or blues. Many people like to avoid colors that tend to excite the mind, such as red. Earthy colors that reflect the sky, sea, or soil are always a good choice.

3. Add Nature

Spas incorporate nature into their decorating scheme. Follow their lead when decorating your bathroom. Real plants and flowers are an easy way to bring nature inside and boost tranquility.

You may also want to use natural materials for decorating. Bamboo towels and mats lend a renewable, eco-friendly vibe, while also being soft and relaxing. Natural materials like wood and stone offer more natural essences and a sense of serenity.

Don't forget natural lighting. Sunlight through windows or a skylight is good for the body and the mind. With dimmer switches, which offer varying amounts of lighting for any mood or time of day, you can feel like you’re actually out in nature while you soak in your tub.

4. Use Luxury Accessories

Luxurious accessories can turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a spa without a big makeover. Choose accessories that engage all the senses to create a full spa experience.

For example, fluffy floor accessories and soft soaps cater to the sense of touch. You could choose accessories like large, soft towels and wrap up in the comfort of your bathroom.

You could consider adding a built-in audio system so that you can play your favorite relaxing music or install a small, bubbling fountain for a relaxing background noise.

Prepare for a long, calming soak in the tub with aromatherapy salts and crystals as well as your favorite scents. Scented candles and essential oils can also add pleasing aromas. Of course, bubbles are always a fun addition to any full bathtub. If you're more inclined to a long shower than a tub soak, look for a modern shower system with a rain head or multiple showerheads.

Whichever senses you decide to indulge, matching accessories for your countertop and shower provide a well-executed, planned look. Gold, marble, or glass accent pieces look fabulous on any vanity without costing a fortune.

With some creativity and attention to detail, you can turn any master bathroom into a romantic getaway even on a tight budget. For more ideas on how you can find the perfect additions for your own space, start at Opulence of Southern Pines, LLC today. With a large selection of luxury bath items, you're sure to find something that inspires you.

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