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Boxers or Briefs? Try Boxer Briefs!

Ladies’ underwear gets all the attention: big-budget commercials and fashion shows for a certain lingerie company, artistic black-and-white magazine advertisements, and even celebrity endorsements for iconic designer-brand underwear. But what about men? Opulence of Southern Pines thinks their underwear matters too!

First, let’s look at the three most popular options for men’s underwear by type:

  • Briefs - the classic “tighty whities” come in more colors than just white, although white is usually the staple. Briefs are tight and supportive, but are considered less fashionable than other underwear options.
  • Boxers - boxer shorts are loose, comfy, and cool temperature-wise. Boxers offer no support but are fashionable and generally flattering to all body types. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes them a more fun choice over briefs.
  • Boxer Briefs - considered the “ultimate” male underwear, boxer briefs combine the best of both worlds. They offer the cozy supportiveness of briefs with the stylish comfort of boxers.'

A recent polling from earlier this year found that 58% of men purchase boxer briefs  a staggering majority over the 18% who buy boxers and 6% who buy “tighty whities” (16% opt for colorful briefs). The men polled stated that they want their underwear to be supportive, look good, and not bunch or hike up on their thighs. Boxer briefs check all these boxes and more.

Want to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to boxer briefs? At Opulence of Southern Pines, we carry Private Holdings Boxer Briefs and SAXX Underwear. Both are top-of-the-line, high quality brands that will give you exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to supportive yet stylish men’s underwear.

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