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Make a Statement with Your Baby Shower Gift

Your BFF, sister or family friend is having a baby. Congrats to her! With her due date quickly approaching, a baby shower is on the horizon. That means you need to get her a stand-out gift. Sure, you could go with the same old package of onesies or the little hat and bootie combo that everyone else is getting her. Or, you could go with something that makes a statement. That is, a statement saying, "I only want you and your baby to have the best."

How can you stand out from the rest of the gift-giving back and celebrate the new mama-to-be? Take a look at these way beyond basic baby shower gift picks.

Designer Duds

Those teeny tiny little outfits are awesomely adorable. The soon-to-be mommy will totally appreciate a stylish set of baby clothes. Chances are that she's already bought the basics. Onesies, leggings and socks are probably filling her over-stuffed baby drawers. But she may not have picked out anything that goes beyond sleepers and stretchy pants.

A cute classic cardigan, a matching shirt and pants set or a pretty sleeping gown with a delicate designer pattern on it are all items that mom is sure to cherish. She'll get the chance to dress up baby in these sweet, and stylish, selections for first photos, taking baby home from the hospital or any other special occasion.

Along with looking for 'designer' or 'stylish' items, clothing for newborns should be soft, cozy and comfortable. Look for items made mostly (or all) from cotton. Baby will feel best if her clothes are breathable, move with her and aren't too constricting.

Another consideration to make is baby's size. If the parents already have plenty in a newborn or 0-3 size, buy up a size or two. Baby will grow. And that means she'll need size 3-6, 6-9 or larger sizes soon.

Little Loveys

Even though a newborn is still too young to cuddle a plush stuffed animal, it's not too early to get her a sweet little friend. A super-soft fuzzy stuffed animal is a gift that keeps on giving. Your friend's baby can snuggle with it in a few months, continue cuddling as she moves into the toddler years and use her furry friend for pretend play when she's a preschooler.

Look for loveys that are soft, well-made and don't have embellishments (such as hard eyes that are glued on). Extra embellishments, such as eyes, can pose choking hazards. Instead, pick stuffed animals with embroidered eyes.

Baby Blankets

Are baby blankets totally different when it comes to newborn gift giving? Probably not. But baby will need plenty of them.

Step up your game and pick out a blanket that's truly special. Consider a blanket/lovey combo (that's a baby blanket with a stuffed animal attached) or go with a pretty pattern.

A soft, plush receiving blanket is the perfect pick for a new mom who needs something that goes beyond those thin cotton swaddlers she already has.

If you're buying a crib blanket keep in mind that these are purely decorative. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends that baby's sleep without bedding (blankets, pillows or other loose linens) to reduce the risk of SIDS. This doesn't mean you have to skip all crib comforters. Instead, expect that the parents will use these as part of the nursery décor. With that in mind, ask ahead and find out what the room's colors or design scheme are.

Do you have a baby shower coming up? Do you need to bring a stand-out gift? Opulence of Southern Pines has lux linens and designer gear for you to give.

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