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Need a New Luxury Bathrobe? 4 Things to Think About

There aren't many clothing items more versatile than a great bathrobe. In addition to making it easy to protect your privacy when the housekeepers arrive, the surge in athleisure wear has made high-end robes a normal part of daily dress — with celebrities wearing them everywhere from airports to basketball games. Here are four things you should think about before buying a new bathrobe, and why you won't regret the research.

1. Fabric Choice

From cashmere and silk to cotton and microfiber, one of the biggest decisions you need to make regarding your new bathrobe is what kind of fabric you want to have resting against your skin. Before you make decisions regarding the type of bathrobe you want, think carefully about how it will be used.

While silk robes are the perfect addition to a luxe wardrobe, cotton is a far more absorbent fabric, which might work better if you plan to use it after showers and trips to the spa. Cashmere offers an incredibly soft-to-the-touch feel but does tend to lose its shape after becoming wet. Likewise, cotton velour robes are soft and comfortable, but they create static electricity since they aren't 100% cotton.

As you shop for robes, pay attention to the product descriptions, and decide if the fabric would work for your lifestyle. Additionally, think about care requirements, especially if you see yourself washing the robe frequently. While some fabrics can be tossed in the washer on the gentle cycle, others need to be dry cleaned to maintain their sheen and shape.

2. Portability

Robes are perfect for vacationing, which is why you might find yourself trying to fold that new accessory small enough to fit into your carry-on. Unfortunately, since some robes are made with plush fibers and heavy fabrics, it is important to think about how portable that new addition will be.

Think about the size of the luggage you use and how large your current robe is when you pack it for quick getaways. If you are concerned about space, choose robes made from thinner profile fabrics, like cotton waffle and silk. If you can't part with velour or terrycloth robes, opt for a tea-length version with shorter sleeves so you don't have to pack as much fabric.

3. Fit and Modesty

Like any other piece of high-end apparel, choosing a garment with the right fit should be at the top of your list of priorities. When you receive potential robes in the mail, take the time to try them on and check the fit. Consider things like coverage, since there might not be a lot between you and your robe during your downtime.

Evaluate the placement of things like ties and pockets so you can make sure the robe is easy to put on and convenient to wear. Avoid robes with unusable pockets or bulky sashes, as these features might become frustrating. Additionally, look for elements that would help you to maintain a great fit for the long haul, such as extra fabric in the front and waist ties that aren't sewn in place.

4. Appearance

You never know who will see you in that robe, so make sure you will have the chance to make a great first impression by carefully evaluating your appearance. Think about things like pattern placement, shade, and overall fit to decide if the robe complements your coloring and figure.

Consider snapping a few selfies to see how different robes compare, and ask a friend or loved one to tell you what they think. You never know, they might be able to spot a helpful feature you didn't notice on your own.

Finding the robe of your dreams doesn't have to be difficult. Here at Opulence of Southern Pines, we specialize in carrying the finest bed, bath, personal, and grooming products money can buy. From designer fragrances and unique home décor to silky bed sheets and gorgeous apparel, our website is sure to make shopping for your next gift a breeze.

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