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No Time to Get Away? 7 Tips for a Five-Star Staycation

No Time to Get Away? 7 Tips for a Five-Star Staycation

Want to wash away the worry and headaches of a rough week? Treat yourself to a staycation to relax and recharge your battery. Take a couple days off, a weekend, or even an overnight, and relax with some recuperative tactics that will make you feel like you are thousands of miles away from the stress. Use these tips and feel like you are spending your staycation at a five-star resort!


1. Treat Yourself

Stock up on some high-end bath and beauty products before your staycation. Choose things like fragrant lotions, bath oils or salts, bath-bombs, and grooming supplies to indulge yourself during your retreat. A staycation is a perfect time to pamper and give yourself a facial, a makeover, or a massage. Recreate spa services at home and go back to your daily grind feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

You may want to pick up some fresh, new towels as well to help replicate the experience of a five-star hotel or resort.

2. Try Aromatherapy

Another way to mimic the five-star experience is with aromatherapy; use a diffuser and your favorite fragrance oils to create a mood and atmosphere that is relaxing and calming. To unwind, try cinnamon or bergamot essential oil. For a pick-me-up, go with wintergreen or lemon fragrances. Missing the beach? Try a tropical scent, such as coconut or an ocean-scented fragrance in your diffuser.

3. Get Cozy and Comfy

Cozy-up in a new, toasty robe and slippers during your staycation — take a warm bath with a little Epsom salt and some dried lavender buds, and then slip into your soft and scrumptious Egyptian cotton or natural silk robe. A new robe is a worthwhile investment to make, after all, it is something that you may wear every day!

4. Create an Inviting Bed

Create an inviting bed that makes you want to curl-up and sleep-in. Make your bed your sanctuary with high-end, hotel-quality bamboo linens, down comforters, and Egyptian cotton sheets. Take time to make your bed fresh and crisp each day.

5. Give Yourself Fresh Flowers

It is amazing how transformative a simple bouquet of fresh flowers can be in any room of your home. During your staycation, treat yourself to fresh-cut flowers and put a few in the bedroom and bathroom for a resort-style atmosphere.

6. Eat Well

Take the time to prepare wholesome, nutritious foods for you and your family during your staycation. Go ahead and indulge, but do so with fresh foods that you may not splurge on every day. For instance, visit a farmer's market for fresh produce and visit a fishmonger for the day's fresh catch.

7. Turn Off and Tune In

Turn off the TV and simply enjoy a little music, sounds of nature, and your loved ones this weekend. Vacations are often busy times that don't allow for a lot of TV time. Recreate that sense of family bonding by turning off the television and tuning in to those around you. Make yourself a vacation soundtrack of songs that remind you of your favorite places and people to get the vibe going.

A true staycation is not the time for chores and working around the house. Don't let yourself get tempted by household projects unless the project is something you have planned to do during your relaxation time. Typically, a staycation is a chance to escape everyday life — without leaving home.

Don't have time to get away? Try these tips to enjoy a serene and soothing staycation in the comfort of your own home. Check out the selection at Opulence of Southern Pines LLC to find exactly what you need to transform your simple surroundings into a five-star hotel experience!

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