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Soothe Your Sole: Why You Need More Slippers

Very few body parts are put through as much strain or as exposed to injury as often as the feet. The constant stress of walking, standing, and running for hours each day leads to a variety of injuries and foot problems. Foot pain makes ordinary tasks unbearable, so take the time to pamper your feet. One simple solution is swapping out shoes for slippers whenever possible.

Learn four ways this switch can benefit you.


1. Improve Your Health

Slippers help to keep the feet warm, which could result in better health. Cold feet have been linked to a weaker immune response, leaving people vulnerable to colds and flu viruses.

Poor circulation and conditions like diabetes increase the likelihood of cold feet. People who suffer from these problems may wear their shoes in the home to keep warm, but tight shoes can restrict circulation. Slippers are less restrictive than shoes, so blood circulation can improve. They are also much more comfortable for people who have problems with edema in the evening.

2. Fight Foot Problems

Poor air circulation causes problems like foot fungus because the feet are not kept dry enough. Women who frequently wear heels or other footwear without socks are particularly at risk because the perspiration is not wicked away from the skin. The warmth of the foot and the moisture provide an ideal breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.

Combat the problem by swapping out shoes with slippers upon arriving at home. The looser fit and open design of a slipper, as well as the more breathable material, allows the air to circulate around the foot. Slipper use also prevents the spread of contagions like athlete's foot in your home, in hotel rooms, and at the spa.

Corns, calluses, and bunions are common foot problems that are often caused by the friction of the shoes against the foot. Slippers offer relief from these painful problems because they are not as restrictive as shoes. Sliding on a pair of slippers will provide instant relief and give the foot more time to heal than if you wore shoes during most waking hours.

3. Prevent Foot Injuries

Slippers also help to prevent the types of injuries that bare feet may endure. People who typically slip out of their shoes once they are at home are at risk of cuts and scrapes.

If you want shoes that will protect your feet indoors and outdoors, choose ones with a firm sole. Rubber-soled slippers are perfect for walking outside to get the paper, strolling through the garden, or sitting on the patio. They protect your feet from any rocks, glass, or other potential hazards.

4. Be More Productive

Viewpoints vary on the benefits of slippers in the workplace. Some studies show that people are more productive when they are comfortable, and others state that casual workplaces lead to less productivity. However, foot discomfort is distracting. Many women remove their flats or heels the moment they sit down at their desk to help relax their feet.

A pair of high-end indoor/outdoor slippers is usually preferable to bare feet in the workplace. You can find styles available that look like shoes but have the cushy comfort of slippers. Your feet will stay warm and protected, and you won’t have to put your shoes back on just to run to the printer or the ladies room.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, we are all about luxury and comfort, and that is why we seek out the best slippers. Reward yourself and your feet by having the right slipper for all occasions — visit our website to see the collection.

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