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Tips for Putting Together a Luxury Care Package for Men

Men may not often be the center of attention when it comes to enjoying luxuries like manicures, pedicures, and massages. That doesn't mean they won't love being pampered every bit as much as women do. In fact, when you are creating a care package or gift basket for the man you love, amp up the luxury factor and consider these tips for maximizing his enjoyment of your present.

Tip #1: Start with the Biggest Gifts

It's best to start your luxury care package by first selecting the biggest gifts. These will be the luxurious presents that lay the foundation for the rest of the package. Consider how the man you love prefers to indulge himself. Some luxury items that you may choose as the foundation of the package include:

  • Designer sleepwear – Whether you know your man would appreciate a kimono bathrobe, super-comfortable lounge pants, or top-of-the-line boxer briefs, start the package with snug, silky sleepwear that he can enjoy lounging in after a long day of work or play.
  • Small furniture for a man cave – He may want a room to himself for relaxation more than watching sports. Whatever he chooses to do for fun, you may opt for furniture or room accessories as a big part of the care package.
  • Gift certificates – Choosing gift certificates to his favorite store for luxury goods is one of the best presents you can give. This is especially true if he is very picky and dynamic with his tastes. You may opt for one big gift certificate in an oversized card. That would be a great centerpiece for the package.

It doesn't matter whether your foundational gifts are literally big or simply large in their worth. What matters is the thought and care that goes into selecting each item of the gift package.

Tip #2: Go for Something He'd Seek Off the Beaten Path

A gift that's sure to be one of a kind is going to be the most memorable one. Most men receive way too many ties as gifts throughout their lifetime. That's true even if they only dress in casual attire. On the other hand, how many sets of shaving lotion and after-shave that's scented with their favorite smells will they receive? Take bold chances with the smaller gifts for the package.

Tip #3: Tuck Loving Notes in Between Items or Within Wrapped Items

Write personalized, loving notes to the man you love on beautiful stationery. Next, tuck those notes in between items in the care package or within pre-packaged presents before you wrap them. These notes take your gift basket or care package to the next level of coolness. They empower you to express in words what you are trying to say with your gifts.

Some things you may opt to write in your notes include:

  • Expressing all the reasons that he is such a lovable person.
  • Complimenting all the physical features you appreciate about him.
  • Drawing attention to the things he's done for you.
  • Reminiscing about specific, great times you've shared.
  • Listing all the positive things you appreciate about his personality.
  • Describing your dreams for things you want to do with him in the future.

You are limited only by your imagination in how you express your affection in these notes. The same is true with the gifts you select for the care package.

Finally, keep in mind that assembling a luxury care gift package for the man in your life can be a fun way of showing how much you care. Whether it's for a special occasion or before a vacation or other trip, he is sure to luxuriate in what you send him. You can find everything from designer sleepwear to the finest international grooming products for men at Opulence of Southern Pines, LLC.

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