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Where Would You Be Without Your Mom?

Where would you be without your mom?  What about those that have been like a mother to you?  Or the mother and grandmother of your own children?  How do you ever repay these incredible forces doing the most important work in the world?

Mother’s Day is on May 8th, and it’s the perfect day to let that special lady know just how much you love her!  Provide her with an opportunity to relax, and make her feel special with one a unique and utterly opulent gift.  Mom always wanted us to plan ahead, so be sure that your Mother’s Day gift is chosen and ready to present sooner rather than later.  Remember when Mom told you that the early bird gets the worm?  She was right…and the early bird also gets the best pick of our amazing gifts for Mom.  And let’s be honest…she deserves the very, very best.  Some of our best picks include:

-Beautiful Flowers that last year round- Take a peek at stunning silk flower arrangements from Diane James and NDI. These beauties will complement Mom’s timeless decor and provide a constant reminder of why you’re her favorite child.  

-Comfortable and stylish sleepwear or loungewear. Surely Mom deserves some rest and luxury: check out our PJ Harlow pajamas, a robe from Abyss and Habidecor, or a cozy pair of socks from Kashwere.

-Cinda b’s luxury bags or travel accessories. Whether your mom travels internationally, or just around town, you can find the perfect bag or accessory for her from cinda b’s line. 

As always, be Mom’s pride and joy with a Mother’s Day gift that will impress.  Stop in or peruse our online stop to see the many fabulous gifts we have that will remind your mother just how grateful you are to have her.

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