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St. Geneve Eiderdown Duvet - Winter

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St. Geneve Eiderdown Duvet - Winter

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Eiderdown is the softest and highest insulating down in the world.

It is lighter in weight, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and is unsurpassed for comfort throughout the seasons. It’s insulating capacity is so advanced that it adjusts to the temperature of the person under the duvet.

Down Specifications

700+ Loft Down
Canadian Eiderdown
Zurguard Certified Hypoallergenic

Cover Specifications

400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Jacquard Cover
Fabric woven in Germany
Oeko-tex Standard 100 – Class 1
123 g/m² (3.6 oz/yd²)


The Worlds Best, Lightest, Most Loftiest and Warmest Down

Of all the different varieties of down available, there is nothing in the world that even approaches the warmth and softness of genuine Eiderdown. It is warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and more comfortable than anything else known to man. It is so incredibly lightweight that it is literally like sleeping under a warm cloud. It is the best. St Geneve's Eiderdown is hand collected from the birds' nests at Eider Duck sanctuaries, in a special relationship that has existed for generations between the Eiders and the local farmers. The birds are not disturbed, and are actually attracted to these safe areas because of food supplied by the down collectors. St Geneve imports from Europe a 100% Egyptian cotton of 360 thread count that is woven especially for Eiderdown. No downproof fabric is lighter, and it is the perfect match. It carries the symbol for German Quality Assurance, the Oeko certification of purity, and SanProCare which certifies that it is considerably more breathable than any other cotton. And of course it is permanently downproof. We hand sew the duvet in our special sealed baffle box construction. Eiderdown tests at approximately 700 loft, but because of its phenomenal density and cling, it insulates at an amazing equivalent of 850 to 900 loft. This down carries the Zurguard certification to be Hypoallergenic.


Eiderdown is down that comes from the Eider, a large sea duck that lives on the northern coasts of Europe, Asia, and North America. The Eider's nest is built close to the sea and is lined with the celebrated eiderdown. This soft and warm lining has long been harvested for filling comforters and pillows. Although eiderdown comforters and pillows are now a rarity, eiderdown harvesting continues and is sustainable, as it can be done after the ducklings leave the nest with no harm to the birds. Eiderdown is exceptionally soft and has insulating properties far superior to any other down. Eiderdown is such a unique plumage. Fill power cannot accurately be measured because of the way each cluster clings to the other. Typical goose and duck down tends to sit loosely in a product and can shift and "flow." Eiderdown tends to hold together and is generally more resilient. This clingy behavior also makes it better at trapping air and, therefore, a better insulator. Its price reflects its rarity and difficulty in obtaining.