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Lady Primrose Royal Extract Dusting Silk in Organza Bag Refill 3 oz.

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Lady Primrose Royal Extract Dusting Silk in Organza Bag Refill 3 oz.

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Royal Extract Dusting Silk powder softens with a refreshing touch.

Offered in our petite Organza sachet bags to refill our glass shakers or powder jars. Sachet bags placed in a drawer or closet will beautifully scent your linens or wardrobe!

  • Royal Extract scented dusting silk is talc-free, naturally absorbent, everyday treat.
  • Satiny smooth finishing powder, ultra-fine | good for all skin types
  • Made with finely crushed chamomile and marigold flowers blended with silk and plant extracts - softens while delicately perfuming skin
  • To refill your glass shaker, powder jar, or body brush, snip corner of the plastic bag and gentle pour to refill. Eco-Friendly, biodegradable, no animal testing
  • 3 ounces | honey-golden hue sachet bag

Royal Extract, a Lady Primrose original fragrance, embodies a warm melody of creamy milk, sweet golden honey, and apple blossoms resting on a bed of precious woods.

Royal Extract is our signature fragrance. Created and inspired by archival recipes dating back to 1677, Royal Extract is one of the first fragrances that launched Lady Primrose. Classic, regal, warmth and beauty. One of our most requested scents.

Lady Primrose is celebrating more than 30 years providing fragrant luxuries to our clients and customers around the world. First commissioned by the famed Lanesborough Hotel in London to create products exclusively for their distinguished clientele, our signature scents, Tryst and Royal Extract, then launched Lady Primrose! Tryst and Royal Extract fragrances were developed from archival recipes that date back to 1677. So the legacy of luxury continues today.

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