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Le Blanc Linen Wash 64oz

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Le Blanc Linen Wash 64oz

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Le Blanc Linen Wash is an exceptional cleanser designed for the laundering of luxury and everyday washable and colorfast linens and apparel.

Especially formulated to protect fibers while preserving the original beauty of fine textiles and apparel. Le Blanc® Linen Wash® may be used on washable, colorfast, and organic linens as well as all cottons, synthetics, and blends. Safely launder antique linens, household bedding, table linens, lace, quilts, christening gowns, apparel, and more.

Blue Violet - Experience a clean that is truly exceptional. Begin your next wash cycle with the subtle crispness released from our most popular Blue-Violet fragrance. Take comfort in this delightful violet melody.

Lavender - Let the calming aroma of lavender take over your senses. The traditional beauty of this fragrance will blanket your linens with a lasting tranquil freshness that is truly remarkable. Give your linens the treatment they deserve with the sweet aroma drifting from this lavender masterpiece.

Summer Verbena - Cut into the peel of this vigorous citrus scent. You will be delightfully drenched by the lemons and flower petals falling through the heart of this fragrance. Give your finest linens and apparel a rush of zesty freshness.

Portfolio - It’s all in the details. This alluring blend of classic woods and orange blossom are warmed with a hint of amber and vanilla to create an elegance of chic style. Designed by women, yet tailored for the modern day male.

Original - is a light floral scent

Fragrance-Free - Free and clear of any added perfumes and dyes. This line is made to accommodate perfume sensitive customers.

White Flowers - A delicate and sophisticated fragrance. This scent has a rich heart blooming with delicate layers of white gardenias, lilies, rose petals, and sensual jasmine. Sparkling citrus, sweet orange, and bergamot add a whimsical touch to this full-bodied fragrance.

Evergreen Woods -Invigorate your sense as you take a walk through the crips, majestic evergreens, glistening with chilled amber and winter musk.

This premium cold-water, mild cleanser is the original LINEN WASH®. Tested and proven to be the safest cleaner and stain remover in the home textile industry. Highly recommended and seen in the all magazines, we stand behind this exceptional product. Whether caring for a new linen or restoring an old one, Le Blanc® LINEN WASH® will do the trick in removing tough stains from fine fabrics. Le Blanc® LINEN WASH® will remove red wine, lipstick, grease, coffee, blood, yellow age stains and many more stains without the use of BLEACH, CAUSTICS or PHOSPHATES. Its Neutral pH balance makes it safe enough to use on linens, 100% Egyptian Cottons, synthetics, and blends.

Why should you use Le Blanc LINEN WASH:
Many soaps and detergents contain harmful chemicals that can destroy fine fabrics, causing them to yellow and fall apart.
Hot Water vs. Cold Water, Many detergents require hot water to work properly. Hot water not only sets stains but shrinks fabrics. This is why LINEN WASH® is a cold-water wash.
EFFECTIVE STAIN REMOVER, Le Blanc® LINENWASH® has been tested to remove the following stains:lipstick, red wine, grease, honey, perspiration, fruit juice, baby formula, syrup, pet stains, egg yolk, coffee, tea oil, dressing, blood, liquor, cola, food coloring, gravy, caramel, most mustards, flower pollen, butter, most inks, jams & jellies, and pencil.