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Signoria Donatella 100% Linen Bedding

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Signoria Donatella 100% Linen Bedding

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Donatella is a 100% linen fabric finished in a timeless vintage look that will provide years of sleeping comfort

The use of special Italian finishing techniques results in the product’s vintage look and soft touch giving to this traditional fabric a new young attitude. These characteristics remain after washing.
Donatella bedding is ideal for any season and can be coordinated with many bed collections.

Knife-edge on Sham and Duvet Cover
Simple hem on Flat Sheet and Pillowcases

Duvet Cover:
- buttons closure
- inside sateen ties to attach the duvet

Washing specifications:
Wash 100% linen separately from other fabric materials especially synthetics as they abrade the linen.
Wash with plenty of water (minimizes abrasioin), do not over load washer or dryer.
Wash cycle: machine wash cold water, delicate cycle, medium light soil setting (recommend light soil setting as linen does not absorb stains like other fibers), med spin cycle, total wash time 40 minutes for medium light setting (25 minutes for light soil setting).
Detergent for delicate fabrics.

Drying specifications:
Do not dry with fabrics of different fiber content as they cause abrasion to the linen;
Dry cycle: delicate dryer setting, low temperature, remove while still damp for best result, DO NOT OVER DRY, highest iron setting while damp, only touch up needed.

All Signoria Firenze products include a care label sewn into each product. In addition, please refer to the fabric care label for recommended care for each item.