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Windisch Incandescent Light Mirror 99158 by Nameek's

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Windisch Incandescent Light Mirror 99158 by Nameek's

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One Magnifying Face D:8"

At Windisch we have incorporated the latest technological innovations in the manufacturing of our optical mirrors. In doing so, we have managed to achieve a much better magnification and image clarity.

Perfection in every detail

Most cosmetic mirrors use curved crystal which provides an acceptable standard of quality. Thus, a standard mirror is produced using very fine 2mm-thick crystal.

The magnification can be changed by modifying the concavity of the crystal with a press. The greater the radius, the greater the magnification. In our range of standard mirrors we offer two different magnifications: x3 and x5. For anything greater, such as x7, the radius curve would be too pronounced therefore making it unsuitable for this type of product.

Optical mirrors (which have the initials OP after the reference number) are, on the other hand, manufactured by employing a completely different technology. It is the same technology which is used in the production of camera lenses, telescopes and, of course, the glasses that people wear.

Starting with a piece of circular crystal, which has a uniform thickness, certain processes are applied in order to achieve a precise curve, which in turn provides the desired magnification in the reflected image.

The curve is hidden from sight as it is behind the mirror’s totally flat exterior surface.

In this way we can guarantee that the reflected image is completely free of distortion or defects of any kind.

Illuminated reflections

Windisch mirrors adapt perfectly to any environment. Depending on the type of light bulb used, our mirrors can provide a warm or a cool light, which will suit the kind of atmosphere you wish to create in your bathroom.

1 - Incandescent Light Mirrors

These are characterised by the use of incandescent bulbs. The wolfram filament produces both heat and light as the electrical current passes through it. These are the typical everday low-cost bulbs. They require three tubular bulbs (E14 220V 10W).

2 - Flourescent Light Mirrors

These use compact flourescent tubes. The electrical current passes through a plasma which is generated by mercury atoms. These atoms rebound off the walls of the tubes, which are coated with phosphorus, and in so doing create light. Not much heat is generated in this process, and also different tones of light can be achieved depending on the type of phosphorus used. The are known as low-energy bulbs and are ideal for use in public places. These products are marked with the letters GS for electrical-appliance security, which was awarded by the prestigious German certification organization TÜV. They require two flourescent tubes (OSRAM DULUX S 7W/11 860 G23).

3 - LED lighting technology

Applying this new technology to our mirrors we get more efficiency and save energy, with a consumption of less than 3W. Not only do we get a high resistance to impacts, but also a life utility of more than 60,000 hours and less heat generation. Likewise we can benefit from a great versatility in design, getting in our particular case very flat screens.

A LED is an electronic semiconductor element where light is generated when electric current passes trough. With a safety low voltage, there are the present alternative to the conventional sources of light.