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Having Trouble Sleeping? Here's a Guide to Getting Better Sleep

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here's a Guide to Getting Better Sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping, and this common issue may be caused by similar issues. By looking at a few of the reasons, you can start to see how small changes around your home can make all the difference. This post lists some of the changes you can make in your home to improve your ability to sleep.

Create Regular Sleeping Habits to Get Better Sleep

Human beings tend to do better with most things when they follow a routine. Sleep is no different. Creating a sleep pattern can help attune your body to sleeping and waking at the right times.

Pre-sleep Rituals

A good way to start is to create a pre-sleep ritual. For example, each night you can go through your grooming ritual in the bathroom. Then maybe you slip into your sleepwear. After that, you can go straight to bed.

Follow your routine every night before bed and you'll create a pattern and cues for your body. Your body will know that a warm bath means it's almost time for bed, and sleepwear means it's time to shut down for some sleep.

Create whatever pattern helps you relax before bed. For example, a warm bath, a few minutes of some soothing music, or a chapter of a book can work as well.


One of the most important parts of developing a sleep schedule and habits is keeping it consistent. Always try to stick to your schedule no matter what. That includes weekends and holidays. If you veer from your schedule or try to keep multiple sleep schedules, then you will have a harder time sleeping.


There's nothing wrong with a quick nap. Just make sure you nap early, rather than late. It's never a good idea to nap too close to your scheduled bedtime. Just as importantly, keep your nap short. Naps that go beyond about 20 minutes may upset your sleep schedule.

Lighting Can Play a Huge Role in Your Inability to Sleep

It is a good idea to get as much natural light as you can during the day, starting as soon as you wake up. However, the closer you get to bedtime; you should decrease your exposure to light.

Do you have a lot of lights on around you? Don't just think of the obvious lights, such as fixtures and lamps. Even if you turn those out, you may still have light coming from computers, televisions, tablets, phones, and other electronics. All of these things can make it harder to sleep.

  • Stop looking at anything with a bright screen a couple of hours before bed
  • Avoid staring at backlit screens before, or while in bed
  • Keep the room dark

Using low lighting as you prepare for bed can help put you in the mood for sleep. You can also invest in a sleep mask or silk eyeshades to help you block out any undesirable light.

If you do wake up in the night, don't turn on bright lights. Instead, set up a nightlight or other dim light option to help you navigate at night.

Improve Your Sleeping Environment to Help You Get to Sleep

Does your bedroom contribute to your ability to get good sleep? Or, does your room hinder your sleeping schedule? Generally, you'll want a low light, low noise bedroom. A comfortable bed and breathable bedding materials can make all the difference.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, LLC, we offer many of the items you need to create a comfortable and restful sleeping environment. We have everything from comfortable, luxury bedding to bath accessories to help you with your routine. Come see our inventory and start getting the best sleep you can.

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