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Treat Guests to the Lap of Luxury With These Tips for Creating the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

Treat Guests to the Lap of Luxury With These Tips for Creating the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

Now that you have set up your beautiful home, you cannot wait to begin hosting houseguests. Whether you are looking forward to inviting your mom to visit or just know that your old college roommate will be traveling to your city for work soon, setting up the ultimate guest room is next on your to-do list.

The best thing about setting up a guest room is that you get to splurge on items that you know will stand the test of time. Plus, pampering your loved ones is one of your specialties. Since every guest should be treated like a VIP, make sure to include these items for creating a room where your guests can lounge in the lap of luxury.

Make the Bed a Focal Point

Take a cue from hotels and create a guest bed that will have your houseguests excited to turn in for the night. The ideal guest bed should look lush enough to induce sweet dreams without being so fussy that your guests will worry about getting comfortable.

Start by choosing quality sheets with a high thread count to ensure that your guests settle down in a smooth, comfortable bed. Then, add luxurious touches such as a silk pillowcase that will have your guests waking up feeling like they definitely got their beauty sleep. Add a soft throw and a duvet so your guests can control their comfort.

Provide Extra Seating

While the bed should be the focal point, you also want to remember that your guests will be doing more than just sleeping in your room. Add a comfortable bench where they can sit to put on their shoes, or place a club chair with a footstool for them to kick back and enjoy a good book during their downtime.

Set Up a Work Space

Today's guests must often sneak a little work into their day even when they travel for pleasure. Give your guests a surface to set their laptop on and do work tasks in privacy by setting up a desk or table on one side of the room. Then, add a charging station and a few office supplies to ensure that they have everything they need to handle their business before jetting out to spend the day with you.

Give Them a Space to Put Things

A spacious guest room allows you to provide your family and friends with several options for storing their belongings during their stay. Begin by placing a luggage rack in the room, and consider adding two if you expect couples to visit. This instantly makes it clear that you have thought of everything.

To encourage your guests to visit for longer stays, add a dresser to the room. This allows them to unpack their garments to keep them from being wrinkled. It also provides you with a place to leave a few necessities such as bath towels and extra bedding so that they can easily access everything they need.

Add a Few Personal Touches

While your guests will be expecting a bed and all of its comforts, they will be blown away by your kindness when they discover that you have planned a few extras that make them truly comfortable.

Consider leaving a luxury robe out on the guest bed so that your guests have a comfortable garment to wear as they prepare for the day. From placing a vase with fresh flowers on the nightstand to stashing shaving supplies in the guest bath, personal touches leave your guests feeling cherished.

Preparing for houseguests is exciting, and you want your guest room to wrap your guests in luxury. Find everything you need to set up and decorate every space in your house at Opulence of Southern Pines.

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