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No Shave November: Facial Hair Care

We’ve all seen the difference between finely-coiffed facial hair and an untamed mane.  While the grizzly lumberjack look may be hip, it might not be the best fit for the office.  Don’t let “No Shave November” turn you into a caveman!

Step 1: Determine Your Beard Type & Trim Accordingly

Growing a beard doesn’t mean letting facial hair grow wherever it will. Determine how you’d like the beard to look.  Birchbox offers tips on the best beard type for your face shape.  Utilize a pair of scissors or straight razor to fine-tune the lines.

Razors: Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Single-Blade ,Dreadnought Double-Blade , Edwin JaggerGOLDDACHS Dovo , Il CeppoMerkur 

•       Scissors: included in Dovo’s beard kit 

Step 2: Keep Your Face Fresh

Remember - the best beards don’t take over your face.  Abide by the spirit of “No Shave November” without strict adherence to the letter of the law.  Be sure to maintain the appropriate facial hair length for your beard type, shave the rest.

•       Shaving Brush: DreadnoughtEdwin JaggerGOLDDACHSKent ProrasoIl Ceppo Merkur RooneyVie Long 

•       Shaving Soap: Antiga Barbearia de BairroD.R. Harris ArlingtonTabula Rasa

•       Shaving Cream: Castle ForbesDreadnoughtD.R. Harris Arlington, Edwin JaggerProaso (also available in foam variety), Simpsons

•       After Shave Balm: Castle ForbesDreadnoughtD.R. Harris Arlington, Proraso

Step 3: Wash Your Beard

Cleaning your beard combats itchiness throughout the day.  Scrub your beard and pat it dry.

•       Beard Wash: Bluebeards 

Step 4: Further Beard Maintenance

Beard oils, creams, or waxes should be applied to tame your beard and reduce itchiness.  Don’t resign your beard to a thicket of tangled knots! Comb or brush your beard every day to keep it growing in the direction you want.

•       Combs: Chicago Comb CoGOLDDACHS Mustache CombKent,Bluebeards 

•       Wax: GOLLDACHS Beard Wax  Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax

•       Beard Cream: Bluebeards 

Opulence of the Southern Pines offers the finest in luxury men’s grooming items.  Shop online or in store!

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