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Linen Care


Proper care of your linen products purchased from Opulence of Southern Pines is important for the longevity of your investment. Please take a few minutes to review each section relevant to your purchase.

Caring For Bath Linens

Following these simple suggestions will prolong the life of your bath towels while preserving their look and feel.

Cashmere Production

Learn more about how this natural fiber is turned into luxury apparel.

Caring For Bed Linens

Sleeping on fine quality linens is always a pleasure; caring for them can be too.

What Does Certified Mean?

The grid is perfect for lookbooks or editorial photography.

Luxury Linen Questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about luxury linens.

Caring For Table Linens

Keep your table well-dressed a perfect scene for many family gatherings and special occasions.

Sheeting Construction

Thread count is just one factor in producing the softest, most luxurious bed linens.